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While searching for Truth, on the other side of myself, I met a quite wonderful God. He named himself I-AM when he sent Moses, and his son is named I-AM-saves – the Chosen One (in English, “Joshua,” or in Greek, “Jesus”).

  • The Functional Intent for this project is to give clarity, context, consistency and language to our historical story.
  • My Personal Intent is to tell God’s story in one unified theory; using all discipline’s truth (as best I can understand them).

Our religion has confused many truths in exchange for self-exaltation… but that’s kinda what this whole story is about. I-AM even made one of his 10 laws to not use his name in statements which praise ourselves (3rd of 10 Commandments)… how brilliant is that?!?

This is my fan mail to God. So; the best place to start is through humility and asking for help.

This prayer for help is culturally updated from what Daniel wrote… 2,500 years ago.

Click to read Dan 9:4-19 in new tab in your favorite version.


I prayed to Yahweh my God,
We pray to I-AM; our God.


and made confession, and said, Oh, Lord, the great and dreadful God, who keeps covenant and loving kindness with those who love him and keep his commandments, 
We admit our wrongs, saying, “Oh Authority (originally “Powerful-One”); the great and fearful God who keeps agreement and loving kindness with all who love you – and follow your example.
we have sinned, and have dealt perversely, and have done wickedly, and have rebelled, even turning aside from your precepts and from your ordinances;
We have knowingly done wrong, using our resources for selfish ends. We have endorsed and performed actions that create brokenness, pain and loss; even turned away from your example for how to live this life… away from your words.


neither have we listened to your servants the prophets, who spoke in your name to our kings, our princes, and our fathers, and to all the people of the land. 
We have not listened to your workers, those who speak your eternal truth to our rulers, our nobility, our mentors, and to all God’s people everywhere.
 Lord, righteousness belongs to you, but to us confusion of face, as it is today; to the men of Judah, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and to all Israel, who are near, and who are far off, through all the countries where you have driven them, because of their trespass that they have trespassed against you. Lord, to us belongs confusion of face, to our kings, to our princes, and to our fathers, because we have sinned against you.  
Authority; you own all that’s right (which exposes our shame); as it is today to people in the country, in the city, and to all God’s people near and far (wherever you have moved us).

It is because we commit crimes against you! Our shame is exposed in our rulers, our nobility, our mentors – because we have knowingly done wrong against you. 



To the Lord our God belong mercies and forgiveness; for we have rebelled against him; 10 neither have we obeyed Yahweh our God’s voice, to walk in his laws, which he set before us by his servants the prophets. 

11 Yes, all Israel have transgressed your law, turning aside, that they should not obey your voice: therefore the curse and the oath written in the law of Moses the servant of God has been poured out on us; for we have sinned against him. 

The Authority, our God, owns mercy and forgiveness.  Therefore; we have rebelled against him. We also have not obeyed I-AM (our God)’s voice by following his words which he spoke through Jesus Christ. 

Yes; all of our denominations have offended your instructions. We turn away so that we don’t have to obey your voice.  Like you promised, our self-imposed eternal standards (through which we have cursed others) is poured out on us. Our wrongs are against you. 

12 He has confirmed his words, which he spoke against us, and against our judges who judged us, by bringing on us a great evil; for under the whole sky, such has not been done as has been done to Jerusalem. 

13 As it is written in the law of Moses, all this evil has come on us: yet have we not entreated the favor of Yahweh our God, that we should turn from our iniquities, and have discernment in your truth. 

You have confirmed your words you spoke against your enemies, and (in turn) against our leaders who judge us – and teach us to judge.  This has brought a great evil in us. 

As it is written in our scripture; even though we experience all this evil… we still refuse to ask for help from I-AM, our God.  If only we would turn away from our wrongs, and understand your Truth.


14 Therefore has Yahweh watched over the evil, and brought it on us; for Yahweh our God is righteous in all his works which he does, and we have not obeyed his voice. 
I-AM has therefore watched over evil and brought it on us. So; I-AM, our God, is in every right action, and we have not obeyed his voice.
15 Now, Lord our God, who has brought your people out of the land of Egypt with a mighty hand, and have gotten yourself renown, as it is today; we have sinned, we have done wickedly. 

16 Lord, according to all your righteousness, let your anger and please let your wrath be turned away from your city Jerusalem, your holy mountain; because for our sins, and for the iniquities of our fathers, Jerusalem and your people have become a reproach to all who are around us. 

17 Now therefore, our God, listen to the prayer of your servant, and to his petitions, and cause your face to shine on your sanctuary that is desolate, for the Lord’s sake. 

Now, Authority, our God; you freed us from Egypt with a strong hand, and made a renowned name for yourself by being – You. As it is today, we have knowingly done wrong; We have acted selfishly.

Authority, based on your right-ness, let your anger… please allow your wrath to be turned away from your people… your holy home.  It is our fault (and our ancestor’s fault) that your bride and your church has become a punchline to all who are around us.

Now, therefore our God, listen to the prayer of your workers, and to our begging.  Cause your face to shine on your holy home – which is desolate.

…for the Authority’s sake. 


18 My God, turn your ear, and hear; open your eyes, and see our desolations, and the city which is called by your name: for we do not present our petitions before you for our righteousness, but for your great mercies’ sake. 
Our God; lend us your ear, and hear. Open your eyes, and see the disgusting numbness of the community that is called by your name.  We do not ask because of anything we have done to deserve your response, but due to you being so complete in Mercy.


19 Lord, hear; Lord, forgive; Lord, listen and do; don’t defer, for your own sake, my God, because your city and your people are called by your name.
Authority… hear.
Authority… release-our-offense.
Authority; pay attention and act.

Do not Delay… for your own sake, our God… because your bride and your people are called by your name.



More from Daniel,

and the prophesy identifying details of each power shift inside Jerusalem during the 500 years leading up to Jesus…

A good place to start is to recognize that the biblical order of chapters is not based on a historical timeline. This reorganization (I suppose) is in response to Daniel being instructed to “seal up the words of this prophesy, because it is for a long time from now.” [Dan. 12:4]

Daniel’s book references historical Kings of Babylon (over almost 70 years):

  • Ch. 1-4 – Nebuchadnezzar (589BC)
  • Ch. 7 – Belshazzar, 1st yr (553BC)
  • Ch. 8 – Belshazzar, 3rd yr (550BC)
  • Ch. 5 – Belshazzar, last day before Cyrus (10/5/539BC)
  • Ch. 10 – Cyrus, 3rd yr (536BC)
  • Ch. 11-12 – Prophesy re: Jerusalem (After Cyrus had a dream about him)
  • Ch. 9 – Darius I, 1st yr (522BC)
  • Ch. 6 – Lions den (after 522BC)


This historical order actually lays out a beautiful book in which Babylon’s kings are consumed by their own power’s self-exaltation.  The king’s stories are capped with letters to their empires… praising God’s greatness. Beautiful!




(Click pictures for details)


Bible References: Daniel 9:4-19





Bible Dictionary of the words and phrases culturally paraphrased because they are no longer used in our culture




(Click pictures for details)



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