Perspective Prayer [Daniel 9:4-19]

  • In the voice of: The Church (aka. the Bride and Body of Christ)
  • Spoken to: I AM (aka. God; our source and pattern)
  • Source Text: Daniel 9:4-19


We pray in Christ to the I AM; the ruler.

We confess and say, “We beg you, great one and fearful one …the fundamentally separate I AM. You keep agreement and kindness to all who love you and follow your pattern. We have knowingly done wrong, perverted your good for self-interest, created brokenness by intent …and neglect. As a species we have repeatedly joined the rebellion against your authority – Truth. We have tried to exchange our preferences for your standard, and we have taken under our own power the judgment of other’s motives (which we can only guess to know); in order to distract attention from our own brokenness.

We have not followed your words, our lover – the Christ (or the messengers who spoke in your name). In you alone is Good; exposing the shame of humankind. You are the essence of mercy and forgiveness. We have rebelled against you, and not listened to Truth. Oh God!

As humans; we have crossed over your rules, and shut down our focus in order to talk louder than your voice / spirit / word. The promised judgement is that we have poured on us the response we use in response to other’s wrongs.


You have confirmed your words you spoke against your enemies, and (in turn) against our leaders who judge us (and teach us to judge); allowing great evil in us.

It is written in your word that even though we experience all this evil, yet we will still refuse to admit that we require you.  To the one who sees our imagination and feels what our hearts pump; defending our lies is wasted effort. Rather, live to please I_AM; in the Wisdom of Truth.

You watch for brokenness; and bring it on us. You are good – our source – in all you do and allow. We are rebels and enemies of good by serving lies rather than your voice.

And now, our God who brought your people out of Egypt by your strong hand, and made a name for yourself by being – You – we have missed You; our target… we have caused, created, and declared wrong.

pexels-photo-169523Patient God; the one with authority, control, and power… choosing to turn away from your justified anger, and allowing evil (even though it is a right response to our prostituting ourselves in self glorification) …this rebellion of lies.

Fundamentally separate individual true God; your Bride (the Church) has become a punchline for all who are around us!

And now; listen to the prayer of your servants, and to our begging for mercy – for your own sake. Cause your face to shine on your lover. We admit that we have been quick to flirt with all that is not you, and even sold ourselves for cheap imitations of you to people who position themselves to receive your worship.

For God’s sake – listen with focus, O my God; and hear.

Open your eyes and see the disgusting numbness of the community that is called by your name – not because of anything we have done to deserve your response, but due to you being so complete in Mercy.

God… hear.
God… release.
Great I_AM; pay attention and act.
Do not Delay …for your own sake.

Great God… because your bride and your people are called by your name; complete what you have started in curing our compulsion for self glorification in this rebellion of lies.




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