Word Translations – phrasing eternity’s voice into my dialect of now

There are words that carry the same definition year after year, while others transform into new (and often completely unrelated) meanings. Some have never had a clear definition… only the expression of opinion, and cliches can be pesky little morsels when understanding what is written today (let alone thousands of years ago).

This category is designed to hold a working glossary for this project. These translations of phrases and words are intended to reflect what I hear, type and speak in everyday life.

You are encouraged to chime in with what these words mean in your experience and mind… because the dialect of now will be different tomorrow… and isn’t quite what it was yesterday.

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2019 Working list of words translated in “Jesus Words” simplification of the gospels:

  • ascending and descending” is accurate, but no one I know describes a roller coaster as ascending and descending except professionals trying to impress each other with their knowledge and command of the language. People today say, “it goes up and down”. Let me know if I’m off base.
  • Baptizing” is a bible/Jewish word for “washing”. It was a type of religious washing which carries no modern equivalent, so “washing” is the most understandable articulation. Still physical baptizing is still an action across most every brand of Christian community, so baptizing was left.
  • Christ” is Greek for “Chosen One”. It is true that the actual term is “The Anointed One”, but to anoint means to smear or wipe… which anymore is a bio-hazard. This individual was anointed because that way the method with which designation was communicated – washed with oil. This action signified what King Arthur’s sword pulled out of the stone signified; a choosing of that individual.
  • coming down on [him]” culturally paraphrased with “landing on [him]”.
  • disciple” is a “student”
  • heaven” is what we call the biological sky, but it also refers to the construct of eternity. Though this could be either, it’s left as “heavens”
  • Jesus” is Greek for “Joshua”
  • Lord” is replaced with “Authority”. Our society doesn’t have aristocracy, so Lord is unable to be given context required for definition.
  • Man” historically identified both male gender (as compared to female), and general humankind/mankind. Human is used for clarity sake.
  • Satan” is “The Accuser”
  • underneath” is replaced with “under”. It may be proper English, but nobody talks that way.  “Hey mom, where’s the clearer.” “It’s under the sink”… or “my young-ling, it is underneath the water-faucet and wash-pan in the kitchen.” Ya, we’re going with “under” here.
  • well” is replaced with “very”. There is no one I know who uses well in this way. We have multiple replacements for “well” pleased, but “well” isn’t one we use. Very’s the most common, and so it was used first.
  • Woman” is certainly the most accurate word, but any female I address (today) as woman would be greatly offended. It would be a statement of subjection to a Male’s authority. “Ma’am” is likely a societal equivalent.


Working list of words as of Passover, 2018 (most recent updates added to bottom of list):

word translations - starting pic 1

word translations - starting pic 2

word translations - starting pic 3

Lord = Authority or Leader, rather than Ruler or Owner

Worship = recognize/give worth to

Remain /abide = stay (Strongs #3306)

Kingdom = Power, Authority, Government, Standard

Father = Pattern/Source

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