Since I started using social media for personal enjoyment (Nov 2017), I’ve enjoyed a number of spirited discussions. I love a good fight – it exposes what is lacking in each participant. I personally enjoy this, but my personal enjoyment does not always line up with the pattern that I have committed to form my life after. Still, sharpening each other like iron sharpens iron is a sound piece of a Christian worldview… however…

I have recently reviewed past interactions, and it has become glaringly apparent to me that this is a public platform. Social, yes, but also public. As I reread my conversations, I recognize that I have personified the WW2 slogan “careless talk costs lives”… and it’s clear that we who are the church have made the good news unbelievable to the unbelieving world. I’ve given a majority of my free time over the last decade trying to understand how to fit Christianity into my experience. My plan is to use the scientific method digging through all applicable knowledge to prove faith in Jesus (the Christ).

MY THESIS: Faith is proven logical through truth using knowledge.

–> IF; I combine all truth from physical and written history

–> THEN; I will find a clear story of Truth being polluted in this world for the purpose of self-exaltation, all that we call evil grows out twisting truth.

I propose (through this project) a philosophical Christianity for those who believe that this biology is the beginning and end of human existence. This will make the actions of the unbelieving less detrimental to the society as a whole, and possibly remove the lie from Christians that, “none actually lives out this Jesus life”. Before anyone fondles the concept of “THAT’S OFFENSIVE!”- the lack of faith (faith = belief beyond our control) is destructive. We humans are programmed for fear of death, and objectifying creations worth, and owning the concept of God. Without an external pattern that is beyond our ability to manipulate, every human will use power to fulfill our thirst for selfishness’s consuming exaltation (and we know it).

It would be foolish (with an ignorance of Christ’s words) to expect everyone around me to be Christian; or even the majority of humans.  To start with, Christians believe that we are eternal beings. That means, we think our consciousness will continue after these bodies die (and we’re given a new body… isn’t that handy). The idea of continuing life after this body dies is complete make-believe to all who don’t… believe. However, I do not think that a lack of faith should disqualify you from a life full of the right actions …even though faith does make God happiest.

The simplicity with which love-through-service uses grace-filled-truth has no clearer model than Jesus Christ, and truth using all our knowledge exposes him as our clearest pattern for living what is right. Truth has nothing to fear from knowledge. Love cleans out fear.


1. Base Source Text organized chronologically (mostly complete, but growing with each new reference)

2. Timeline of story for perspective sake

3. Scene by scene arrangement of the story’s background information with text linked to info source.

4. Tell the story of God through time from the “we” perspective (speaking as God’s People).


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