Most every factual story has some type of archaeological foundation.

260px-Map_of_fertile_crescent.svgThe thing we seem to get hung up on is the celebrity mythology attached to each story. “Myth is the smoke of history. It may take a good bit of work to fan it into flame, but it is best when you see smoke… to not pretend that it doesn’t exist.” – Sumerian historian I can’t find.

We evolved with speaking and writing before “gods” took control – and then money appeared. This confused words like “God” and “Worth” with “Power” and “Force”.



Verbal History’s approximate Time Markers:

Most characters we dig up have a clear (often self-deifying) political agenda of power at all costs, and so this story will focus on Abraham. Abram (who eventually became Abraham) is identified as the religious founder of over half of humanity’s belief systems.

  • Post Flood
  • 10,000s BC (Oral History)
  • 5400 BC – Tigris & Euphrates (Sumer)
  • 3500 BC – Nile (Egypt)
  • 2700 BC – Zagros Mountains (Elam… and we can’t read it)
  • 2334 BC – Tigris & Euphrates (Akkadian)

Oldest civilizations with written histories:

A central truth to consider is that every history (without exception) is based on racism. No one calls themselves a barbarian. These people groups were typically connected by water – or some other physical barrier. Excavation at the Gra Dolina site in Iowa USA - 170px-Dolina-Pano-3.jpgPolitical self-exaltation and cruelty aside; There is truth to be mined here.

  • Sumerians (~3200 BC)
  • Egyptians (~3200 BC)
  • Indians (Harappian) (~2300 BC)
  • Elamites (~2278 BC)
  • Akkadians (~2334 BC)
  • West Semites (~2166BC)
  • Babylonians (~1781 BC)
  • Cretians (~1720 BC)
  • Turkey (~1790 BC)
  • Greece (~1600 BC)
  • Mittani
  • Hittites
  • Israelites/Jews


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