Part 2 intro: God does not fear math; it’s a truth filter [millions_BC]

  • In the voice of: Christian
  • Spoken to: Christians  
  • Source Text: Mark 12, Big History Project, A Brief History of Time, Albert Einstein, AW Tozer, Traditional Quaker Phrase, Wikipedia, Numbers 21, 2 Kings 18:4

Wisdom gives effort to understand everything being managed. This includes the society in which we live. The messenger of truth must also speak to the conditions of those who are listening – or he is just talking to himself.

I always thought there was a right and wrong between academia using scientific theories and religion presenting universal truth, but I don’t think I was right. Both these communities are mining truth… unless they’re feeding on power (which I’m certain is wrong).

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A church who is fighting math is difficult to take seriously. Besides, God is a god of order who is intentional to the detail of knowing the number of hairs on my head. Jesus (as God) could have agreed with Aristarchus from 200 years earlier, and explained that the Earth rotated around the Sun (if that was vital).  Rather, he paraphrased Confucius’, “Do not impose on others what you do not wish for yourself” from 500 years earlier (in what we call the Golden Rule).  I AM gave what we could digest – using words capable of judging all mankind… for all time. Ya; he’s pretty cool, but we have a tendency to get lost in some of the details.

In God’s name, we claim ownership of some assumption (of which we are certain – yet wrong); placing our ego at the center of everything. The problem with ego being hurt while speaking in God’s name is that God does not follow our religion, and his instruction is to starve our ego.  Ego is the appetite of evil. The person with the first telescope experienced first-hand the fruit of this combination.

Science and religion’s power struggle of 400 years ago did not center on a 6 day creation week, but rather if Jupiter had it’s own moons. More to the point, if Jupiter’s moons rotated around Jupiter, or if they (like everything else in creation) rotated around the earth. Remember 300 years earlier Dante had assigned to Jupier rings 18-20 in heaven.  With that much power it couldn’t have multiple moons… Earth only has one moon – in the Bible says the Earth doesn’t move? This was a battle for whether the Bible was true! Psalm 93:1 and 1 Chronicles 16:30 clearly read, “The world also is established. It can’t be moved.”, and Psalm 104:5 says, “the Lord set the earth on its foundations; it can never be moved.”, and with a grand finale of Ecclesiastes 1:5 stating that, “And the sun rises and sets and returns to its place.”  Take that Copernicus! The church insisted that these moons followed complex rotation around that earth… that made them look like they rotated around Jupiter.

Enter the man with the first telescope strong enough to view planets. His observations did not line up with what those inside the church (with power) had declared to be God’s official position.  His reward for this observation was public imprisonment, followed by house arrest for the rest of his life, because he wouldn’t lie about the truth he observed. He knew what he saw, and all the power of this world couldn’t change the fact that, “and yet it moves”. Everything he had written was banned, as well as anything he may write for the rest of his life. Yet; we now protect a monument that holds Galileo’s detached middle finger. Fitting.

How could this be? We know today that the earth is not the center of the universe, or even our solar system. We have pictures to prove it. And yet… God is still not scared. It’s like he knew it all along. I AM is not a slave to our rules, or surprised by our discoveries. I guess that is what makes him holy, and why we killed him.

Today; many Christians demand that light and dark separated in a 24 hour timescale (as well as everything else in the other 1st creation days), even though day and night had not been separated until the fourth day of creation.  I understand it’s scary (especially when your business and power are hinged on this “us” vs. “them” expertise), but our father is patient with our confusion. Like Copernicus (the first to present that the Earth might not be the center of everything) offered, maybe there are parts of the Bible that are figurative… and we only thought they were literal.

The real rub is that we have created an idol out of the Bible. Like the sticks with serpents on them made by Moses, we’ve we’ve taken a gift of God, and turned it into something we can control and monetize. Our lack of faith in thinking that God is not beyond our knowledge and control has lead us to consider it is an act of faith to choose between math and God (effectively opposing Truth).  The spirit of Truth is the identity Jesus gave to the Holy Spirit during his last teaching before death. I AM could have made everything develop in a unknowable process, but he didn’t. We are on the side of Truth – or we’re not on Christ’s side.

Have faith; God’s got this.


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