Part 4 intro: History can be a matter of perspective, as long as I don’t think mine is the only one [2,100_BC]

  • In the voice of: Christian
  • Spoken to: Christians  
  • Source Text: Isaiah 33, The History of the Ancient World, Wikipedia



God started the fix for humanity at the moment he gave Abram in Ur a promise that a specific piece of land was his inheiratance (and his children’s). From that point in our timeline’s past, God began the process to restore freedom to humans from our core slavery – that we are born with the natural inclination to lie for our appetite of power. We humans did not wander into this instinctual rebellion alone. We are subject to another species’ lie for power (if we can call them the species).

When God first talked with Abraham in 2100BC, written history was rare. Timelines and calendars were independent… and often in conflict with each other (even within the records of one society). Since determining who is correct is virtually impossible, this story will assume all these storylines include pieces of truth – up to the point that someone’s power would benefit from a lie. I trust this method, because it resembles how I am required to translate the words of leaders today.  The more you get to know any one of us humans, the clearer it is to see that we have not changed that much.

Written history’s connections:

  • 650BC – Ashurbanipal meets Jonah of Israel, and collects writing from Greece to India to Africa. His legacy was knowledge.
  • 400BC – Zuo Zhuan carried the earliest Chinese history written on bone.
  • India’s and Edom’s ancient civilizations had writing, but we don’t know how to read it.
  • All other civilizations joined this timeline, typically through war.




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