Part 4 intro: History can be a matter of perspective, as long as I don’t think mine is the only one [2,100_BC]



God started the fix for humanity at the moment he gave Abram in Ur a promise that a specific piece of land was his inheritance (and his children’s).


Although Ur was once a coastal city near the mouth of the Euphrates on the Persian Gulf, the coastline has shifted and the city is now well inland (on the south bank of the Euphrates) in modern-day Iraq.[5]

𒋀𒀕𒆠 or 𒋀𒀊𒆠 Urim (Sumerian)
𒋀𒀕𒆠 Uru (Akkadian)
أور ʾūr’(Arabic)

In a continuous story from that point in our timeline’s past:

  • God continued the process to return freedom to us humans, because we are born into our core slavery (the natural inclination to lie for our appetite of power).
  • We humans have a path out, because we did not wander into this instinctual rebellion alone.
  • We have the ability to grow or diminish this instinct inside us… though this life.
  • We are serving each other, or feeding the power to be “like God”.

saint-1431608_1280Archangel Michael’s response to our Enemy, “Who is like God?”

When God first talked with Abraham in 2100BC, written history was rare.

Timelines and calendars were independent… and often in conflict with each other (even within the records of one society). Since determining who is correct is virtually impossible, this story will assume all these story-lines include pieces of truth… up to the point that someone’s power would benefit from a lie. I trust this method, because it resembles how I am required to translate the words of leaders today (and my own internal voice).

The more you get to know any one of us humans, the clearer it is to see that we have not changed that much.

Written history’s connections:

  • 650-ishBC – Ashurbanipal meets Jonah of Israel, and collects writing from Greece to India to Africa. His legacy was knowledge.
  • 400-ishBC – Zuo Zhuan carried the earliest Chinese history written on bone.
  • Many ancient civilizations had writing, but we don’t know how to read them.

Samples of writing we have found… but we can’t figure out how to read:



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Bible References: Isaiah 33, Jude

Wikipedia: Ur, Abraham, Recorded History, History of Writing, Indus Valley Civilization, Indus Script, Writing; Elamite Writing, Proto-Elamite Writing, Linear Elamite, “Linear A” (possibly Minoan), Cascajal writing



Part 5 intro: Some things can only be changed from the inside [660_BC]



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who touched me

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