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Jesus Words 2- Before Jesus’ ministry began (but with followers)

Includes all Jesus’ words from:

Following Jesus - day 1 walk - map alone in miles

The next day, Jesus was determined to go to his home state (Galilee). He found Philip and said, “Follow me.” After an all day hike, Philip found his brother, Nathanael. Jesus saw him approaching, and said, “Look, this an Israelite who has no deceit in him!” To Nathanael, he stated, “Before Philip called you (when you were under the fig tree) – I saw you.” Nathanael confirmed with awe, and called him, “The Son of God”. Jesus asked, “Do you believe because I told you, ‘I saw you under the fig tree,’? You will see greater things than this! I tell you Truth’s truth that after this; you will see the heavens opened, and the angels of God going up and down on the Son of Man.”

Near his hometown, in the mountains, Jesus’ growing posse showed up for a wedding two days later. His mom, Mary, was there. The wedding guests drank all the wine, and Mary hinted that Jesus should fix it. He asked, “Ma’am, what does that have to do with you and me? It’s not my time yet.”

Dismissing his question (and his correction), Mary instructed, “Do whatever he says.” The servant stood there, waiting. Jesus complied by stating, “Fill the water pots with water.” After completing what Jesus instructed and returning, Jesus directed, “Now take some out, and bring it to the one in charge.”

The water in the jars had become good wine, and the groom was praised for having such remarkable taste. Jesus’ family and followers were together for a few days in Capernaum after that.

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Paraphrase Notes:

  • Jesus” is Greek for “Joshua”. His name (and it’s meaning) is a central theme across all Jesus’ teaching, but in order for the story to flow with understanding… Jesus was used rather than Joshua (even though Jesus is the Greek translation of Joshua. Clarity, rather than correctness, is the goal.
  • heaven” is what we call the biological sky, but it also refers to the construct of eternity. Though this could be either, it’s left as “heavens”
  • ascending and descending” is accurate, but no one I know describes a roller coaster as ascending and descending except professionals trying to impress each other with their knowledge and command of the language. People today say, “it goes up and down”. Let me know if I’m off base.
  • well” is replaced with “very”. There is no one I know who uses well in this way. We have multiple replacements for “well” pleased, but “well” isn’t one we use. Very’s the most common, and so it was used first.
  • underneath” is replaced with “under”. It may be proper English, but nobody talks that way. “Hey mom, where’s the clearer.” “It’s under the sink”… or “my young-ling, it is underneath the water-faucet and wash-pan in the kitchen.” Ya, we’re going with “under” here.
  • Woman” is certainly the most accurate word, but any female I address (today) as woman would be greatly offended. It would be a statement of subjection to a Male’s authority. “Ma’am” is likely a societal equivalent.
  • “one in charge” is a cultural paraphrase of “master of the house”

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