Mandala 1 – Hymn 23 [Rig Veda]

1. STRONG are the Somas; come thou nigh; these juices have been mixt with milk: Drink, Vayu, the presented draughts. 2. Both Deities who touch the heaven, Indra and Vayu we invoke To drink of this our soma juice. 3. The singers’ for their aid, invoke Indra and Vayu, swift as mind, The thousand-eyed, the Lords of thought. 4. Mitra and Varuna, renowned as Gods of consecrated might, We call to drink the Soma juice. 5. Those who by Law uphold the Law, Lords of the shining light of Law, Mitra I call, and Varuna. 6. Let Varuna be our chief defence, let Mitra guard us with all aids Both make us rich exceedingly. 7. Indra, by Maruts girt, we call to drink the Soma juice: may he Sate him in union with his troop. 8. Gods, Marut hosts whom Indra leads, distributers of Pusan’s gifts, Hearken ye all unto my cry. 9. With conquering Indra for ally, strike Vrtra down, ye bounteous Gods Let not the wicked master us. 10. We call the Universal Gods, and Maruts to the Soma draught, For passing strong are Prsni’s Sons. 11. Fierce comes the Maruts’ thundering voice, like that of conquerors, when ye go Forward to victory, O Men. 12. Born of the laughing lightning. may the Maruts guard us everywhere May they be gracious unto Us. 13. Like some lost animal, drive to us, bright Pusan, him who bears up heaven, Resting on many-coloured grass. 14. Pusan the Bright has found the King, concealed and hidden in a cave, Who rests on grass of many hues. 15. And may he. duly bring to me the six bound closely, through these drops, As one who ploughs with steers brings corn. 16. Along their paths the Mothers go, Sisters of priestly ministrants, Mingling their sweetness with the milk. 17. May Waters gathered near the Sun, and those wherewith the Sun is joined, Speed forth this sacrifice of ours. 18. I call the Waters, Goddesses, wherein our cattle quench their thirst; Oblations to the Streams be given. 19. Amrit is in the Waters in the Waters there is healing balm Be swift, ye Gods, to give them praise. 20. Within the Waters–Soma thus hath told me–dwell all balms that heal, And Agni, he who blesseth all. The Waters hold all medicines. 21. O Waters, teem with medicine to keep my body safe from harm, So that I long may see the Sun. 22. Whatever sin is found in me, whatever evil I have wrought. If I have lied or falsely sworn, Waters, remove it far from me. 23. The Waters I this day have sought, and to their moisture have we come: O Agni, rich in milk, come thou, and with thy splendour cover me. 24. Fill me with splendour, Agni; give offspring and length of days; the Gods Shall know me even as I am, and Indra with the Rsis, know.



Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Rig Veda is intended to be chanted (rather than read). Here is a link to: Rig Veda Full Chanting.

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