Mandala 1 – Hymn 45 [Rig Veda]

1. WORSHIP the Vasus, Agni! here, the Rudras, the Adityas, all Who spring from Manu, those who know fair rites, who pour their blessings down. 2. Agni, the Gods who understand give ear unto the worshipper: Lord of Red Steeds, who lovest song, bring thou those Three-and-Thirty Gods. 3. O Jatavedas, great in act, hearken thou to Praskanva’s call, As Priyamedha erst was heard, Atri, Virupa, Angiras. 4. The sons of Priyamedha skilled in lofty praise have called for help On Agni who with fulgent flame is Ruler of all holy rites. 5. Hear thou, invoked with holy oil, bountiful giver of rewards, These eulogies, whereby the sons of Kanva call thee to their aid. 6. O Agni, loved by many, thou of fame most wondrous, in their homes Men call on thee whose hair is flame, to be the bearer of their gifts. 7. Thee, Agni, best to find out wealth, most widely famous, quick to hear, Singers have stablished in their rites Herald and ministering Priest. 8. Singers with Soma pressed have made thee, Agni, hasten to the feast, Great light to mortal worshipper, what time they bring the sacred gift. 9. Good, bounteous, Son of Strength, this day seat here on sacred grass the Gods Who come at early morn, the host of heaven, to drink the Soma juice 10. Bring with joint invocations thou, O Agni, the celestial host: Here stands the Soma, bounteous Gods drink this expressed ere yesterday.



Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Rig Veda is intended to be chanted (rather than read). Here is a link to: Rig Veda Full Chanting.
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