Mandala 10 – Hymn 30 [Rig Veda]

1. As ’twere with swift exertion of the spirit, let the priest speed to the celestial Waters, The glorious food of Varuna and Mitra. To him who spreadeth far this laud I offer. 2. Adhvaryus, he ye ready with oblations,, and come with longing to the longing Waters, Down on which looks the. purple-tinted Eagle. Pour ye that flowing wave this day, deft-handed. 3. Go to the reservoir, O ye Adhvaryus worship the Waters’ Child with your oblations. A consecrated wave he now will give you, so press for him the Soma rich in sweetness. 4. He who shines bright in floods, unfed with fuel, whom sages worship at their sacrifices: Give waters rich in sweets, Child of the Waters, even those which gave heroic might to Indra: 5. Those in which Soma joys and is delighted, as a young man with fair and pleasant damsels. Go thou unto those Waters, O Adhvaryu, and purify with herbs what thou infusest. 6. So maidens bow before the youthful gallant who comes with love to them who yearn to meet him. In heart accordant and in wish one-minded are the Adhvaryus and the heavenly Waters. 7. He who made room for you when fast imprisoned, who freed you from the mighty imprecation,- Even to that Indra send the meath-rich current, the wave that gratifies the Gods, O Waters. 8. Send forth to him the meath-rich wave, O Rivers, which is your offspring and a well of sweetness, Oil-balmed, to be implored at sacrifices. Ye wealthy Waters, hear mine invocation. 9. Send forth the rapture-giving wave, O Rivers, which Indra drinks, which sets the Twain in motion; The well that springeth from the clouds, desirous, that wandereth triple-formed, distilling transport. 10. These winding Streams which with their double current, like cattle-raiders, seek the lower pastures,- Waters which dwell together, thrive together, Queens, Mothers of the world, these, Rsi, honour. 11. Send forth our sacrifice with holy worship send forth the hymn and prayer for gain of riches. For need of sacrifice disclose the udder. Give gracious hearing to our call, O Waters. 12. For, wealthy Waters, ye control all treasures: ye bring auspicious intellect and Amrta. Ye are the Queens of independent riches Sarasvati give full life to the singer! 13. When I behold the Waters coming hither, carrying with them milk and mcath and butter, Bearing the well-pressed Soma juice to Indra, they harmonize in spirit with Adhvaryus. 14. Rich, they are come with wealth for living beings, O friends, Adhvaryus, seat them in their places. Seat them on holy grass, ye Soma-bringers in harmony with the Offspring of the Waters. 15. Now to this grass are come the longing Waters: the Pious Ones are seated at our worship. Adbvaryus, press the Soma juice for Indra so will the service of the Gods be easy.



Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Rig Veda is intended to be chanted (rather than read). Here is a link to: Rig Veda Full Chanting.

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