Mandala 10 – Hymn 53 [Rig Veda]

1. HE hath arrived, he whom we sought with longing, who skilled in sacrifice well knows its courses. Let him discharge his sacrificial duties: let him sit down as Friend who was before Us. 2. Best Priest, he hath been won by being seated, for he hath looked on the well-ordered viands. Come, let usworship Gods who must be worshipped, and pouring oil, laud those who should be lauded. 3. Now hath he made the feast of Gods effective: now have we found the secret tongue of worship. Now hath he come, sweet, robed in vital vigour, and made our calling on the Gods effective. 4. This prelude of my speech I now will utter, whereby we Gods may quell our Asura foemen. Eaters of strengthening food who merit worship, O ye Five Tribes, be pleased with mine oblation. 5. May the Five Tribes be pleased with mine oblation, and the Cow’s Sons and all who merit worship. From earthly trouble may the earth protect us, and air’s mid realm from woe that comes from heaven. 6. Spinning the thread, follow the region’s splendid light: guard thou the path ways well which wisdom hath prepared. Weave ye the knotless labour of the bards who sing: be Manu thou, and bring the Heavenly People forth. 7. Lovers of Soma, bind the chariot traces fast: set ye the reins in order and embellish them. Bring hitherward the car with seats where eight may sit, whereon the Gods have brought the treasure that we love. 8. Here flows Asmanvati: hold fast each other, keep yourselves up, and pass, my friends, the river. There let us leave the Powers that brought no profit, and cross the flood to Powers that are auspicious. 9. Tvastar, most deft of workmen, knew each magic art, bringing most blessed bowls that hold the drink of Gods. His axe, wrought of good metal, he is sharpening now, wherewith the radiant Brahmanaspati will cut. 10. Now, O ye Sapient Ones, make ye the axes sharp wherewith ye fashion bowls to hold the Amrta. Knowing the secret places make ye ready that whereby the Gods have gotten immortality. 11. Ye with a secret tongue and dark intention laid the maiden deep within, the calf within the mouth. They evermore are near us with their gracious help: successful is the song that strives for victory.



Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Rig Veda is intended to be chanted (rather than read). Here is a link to: Rig Veda Full Chanting.

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