Mandala 10 – Hymn 61 [Rig Veda]

1. THE welcome speaker in the storm of battle uttered with might this prayer to win the Asvins, When the most liberal God, for Paktha, rescued his parents, and assailed the seven Hotras. 2. Cyavana, purposing deceptive presents, with all ingredients, made the altar ready. Most sweet-voiced Turvayana poured oblations like floods of widely fertilizing water. 3. To his oblations, swift as thought, ye hurried, and welcomed eagerly the prayers he offered. With arrows in his hand the Very Mighty forced from him all obedience of a servant. 4. I call on you the Sons of Dyaus, the Asvins, that a dark cow to my red kine be added. Enjoy my sacrifice, come to my viands contented, not deceiving expectation. ‘ 10. Uttering praise to suit the rite Navagvas came speedily to win the damsel’s friendship. They who approached the twice-strong stable’s keeper, meedless would milk the rocks that naught had shaken. 11. Swift was new friendship with the maid they quickly accepted it as genuine seed and bounty. Milk which the cow Sabardugha had yielded was the bright heritage which to thee they offered. 12. When afterwards they woke- and missed the cattle, the speaker thus in joyful mood addressed them: Matchless are singers throulgh the Vasu’s nature; he bringeth them all food and all possessions. 13. His followers then who dwelt in sundry places came and desired too slay the son of Nrsad. Resistless foe, be found the hidden treasure of Susna multiplied in numerous offipring. 14. Thou, called Effulgence, in whose threefold dwelling, as in the light of heaven, the Gods are sitting, Thou who art called Agni or Jatavedas, Priest, hear us, guileless Priest of holy worship. 15. And, Indra, bring, that I may laud and serve them, those Two resplendent glorious Nasatyas, Blithe, bounteous, man-like, to the sacrificer, honoured among our men with offered viands. 16. This King is praised and honoured as Ordainer: himself the bridge, the Sage speeds o’er the waters. He hath stirred up Kaksivan, stirred up Agni, as the steed’s swift wheel drives the felly onward. 17. Vaitarana, doubly kinsman, sacrificer, shall milk the cow who ne’er hath calved, Sabardhu, When I encompass Varuna and Mitra with lauds, and Aryaman in safest shelter. 18. Their kin, the Prince in heaven, thy nearest kinsman, turning his thought to thee thus speaks in kindness: This is our highest bond: I am his offspring. How many others came ere I succeeded? 19. Here is my kinship, here the place I dwell in: these are my Gods; I in full strength am present. Twice-born am I, the first-born Son of Order: the Cow milked this when first she had her being. 20. So mid these tribes he rests, the friendly envoy, borne on two paths, refulgent Lord of fuel. When, like a line, the Babe springs up erectly, his Mother straight hath borne him strong to bless us. 21. Then went the milch-kine forth to please the damsel, and for the good of every man that liveth. Hear us, O wealthy Lord; begin our worship. Thou hast grown mighty through Asvaghna’s virtues. 22. And take thou notice of us also, Indra, for ample riches, King whose arm wields thunder! Protect our wealthy nobles, guard our princes unmenaced near thee, Lord of Tawny Coursers. 23. When he goes forth, ye Pair of Kings, for booty, speeding to war and praise to please the singer,- I was the dearest sage of those about him,-let him lead these away and bring them safely. 24. Now for this noble man’s support and comfort, singing with easy voice we thus implore thee: Impetuous be his son and fleet his courser: and may I be his priest to win him glory. 25. If, for our strength, the priest with adoration to win your friendship made the laud accepted, That laud shall be a branching road to virtue for every one to whom the songs are suited. 26. Glorified thus, with holy hymns and homage:-Of noble race, with Waters, God-attended May he enrich us for our prayers and praises: now can the cow be milked; the path is open. 27. Be to us, then, ye Gods who merit worship, be ye of one accord our strong protection, Who went on various ways and brought us vigour, ye who are undeceivable explorers.



Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Rig Veda is intended to be chanted (rather than read). Here is a link to: Rig Veda Full Chanting.

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