Mandala 2 – Hymn 34 [Rig Veda]

1. THE Maruts of resistless might who love the rain, resplendent, terrible like wild beasts in their strength, Glowing like flames of fire, impetuous in career, blowing the wandering raincloud, have disclosed the kine. 2. They gleam with armlets as the heavens are decked with stars, like cloud-born lightnings shine the torrents of their rain. Since the strong Rudra, O Maruts with brilliant chests, sprang into life for you in Prsni’s radiant lap. 3. They drip like horses in the racings of swift steeds; with the stream’s rapid cars they hasten on their way. Maruts with helms of gold, ye who make all things shake, con e with your spotted deer, one-minded, to our food. 4. They have bestowed of Mitra all that live, to feed, they who for evermore cause their swift drops to flow; Whose steeds are spotted deer, whose riches never fail, like horses in full speed, bound to the pole in work. 5. With brightly-flarning kine whose udders swell with milk, idth glittering lances on your unobstructed paths, O Maruts, of one mind, like swans who seek their nests, come to the rapturous enjoyment of the meath. 6. To these our prayers, O Maruts, come unanimous, come ye to our libations like the praise of men. Make it swell like a mare, in udder like a cow, and for the singer grace the song with plenteous strength. 7. Give us a steed, O Maruts migbty in the car; prevailing prayer that brings remembrance day by day; Food to your praisers, to your bard in deeds of might give winning wisdom, power uninjured, unsurpassed. 8. When the bright-chested Maruts, lavish of their gifts, bind at the time bliss their horses to the cars, Then, as the milch-cow feeds her calf within the stalls, they pour forth food for all oblation-bringing men. 9. Save us, O Maruts, Vasus, from the injurer, the mortal foe who makes us looked upon as wolves. With chariot all aflame compass him round about: O Rudras, cast away the foeman’s deadly bolt. 10. Well-known, ye Maruts, is that wondrous course of yours, when they milked Prsni’s udder, close akin to her. Or when to shame the bard who lauded, Rudra’s Sons, ye O infallible brought Trita to decay. 11. We call youi such, great Maruts, following wonted ways, to the oblation paid to Visnu Speeder-on. With ladles lifted up, with prayer, we seek of them preeminent, golden-hued, the wealth which all extol. 12. They, the Dasagvas, first of all brought sacrifice: they at the break of mornings shall inspirit us. Dawn with her purple beams uncovereth the nights, with great light glowing like a billowy sea of milk. 13. The Rudras have rejoiced thern in the gathered bands at seats of worship as in purple ornaments. They with impetuous vigour sending down the rain have taken to themselves a bright and lovely hue. 14. Soliciting their high protection for our help, with this our adoration we sing praise to them, Whom, for assistance, like the five terrestrial priests. Trita hath brought to aid us hither on his car. 15. So may your favouring help be turned to us-ward, your kindness like a Iowing cow approach us, Wherewith ye bear your servant over trouble, and free your worshipper from scoff and scorning.



Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Rig Veda is intended to be chanted (rather than read). Here is a link to: Rig Veda Full Chanting.
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