Mandala 3 – Hymn 2 [Rig Veda]

1. To him, Vaisvanara, who strengthens Holy Law, to Agni we present our praise like oil made pure. With thoughtful insight human priests bring him anear, our Herald from of old, as an axe forms a car. 2. He made the heaven and earth resplendent by his birth: Child of two Mothers he was meet to be implored, Agni, oblation-bearer, gracious, ever-young, infallible, rich in radiant light, the guest of men. 3. Within the range of their surpassinq power, by might, the Gods created Agni with inventive thought. I, eager to win strength, address him, like a steed, resplendent with his brilliance, with his ample light. 4. Eager to gain, we crave from him the friendly God strength confident, choiceworthy meet to be extolled: The Bhrgus’ bounty, willing, strong with sages’ lore, even Agni shining forth with light that comes from heaven. 5. For happiness, men, having trimmed the sacred grass, set Agni glorious for his strength before them here; Yea, with raised ladles, him bright, dear to all the Gods, perfecting aims of works, Rudra of solemn rites. 6. Around thy dwelling-place, O brightly-shining Priest, are men at sacrifice, whose sacred grass is trimmed. Wishing to do thee service, Agni, they are there, desirous of thy friendship grant them store of wealth. 7. He hath filled heaven and earth and the great realm of light, when at his birth the skilful held him in their hold. He like a horse is led forth to the sacrifice Sage, graciously inclined, that he may win us strength. 8. Honour the oblation-bearer, him who knows fair rites, serve ye the Household Friend who knows all things that be. He drives the chariot of the lofty ordinance: Agni most active, is the great High Priest of Gods. 9. They who are free from death, fain for him, purified three splendours of the mighty Agni, circling all. To man, for his enjoyment, one of these they gave: the other two have passed into the sister sphere. 10. Man’s sacrificial food hath sharpened like an axe, for brightness, him the Sage of men, the people’s Lord, Busied with sacred rites he mounts and he descends. He hath laid down his vital germ within these worlds. 11. He stirs with life in wombs dissimilar in kind, born as a Lion or a loudly-bellowing Bull: Vaisvanara immortal with wide-reaching might, bestowing goods and wealth on him who offiers gifts. 12. Vaisvanara, as of old, mounted the cope of heaven, heaven’s ridge, well greeted, by those skilled in noble songs. He, as of old, producing riches for the folk, still watchful, traversesthe common way again. 13. For new prosperity we seek to Agni, him whose course is splendid, gold-haired, excellently bright, Whom Matarisvan stablished, dweller in the heaven, meet for high praise and holy, sage and true to Law. 14. As pure and swift of course, beholder of the light, who stands in heaven’s bright sphere a sign, who wakes at dawn, Agni, the head of heaven, whom none may turn aside-to him the Powerful with mighty prayer we seek. 15. The cheerful Priest, the pure, in whom no guile is found, Friend of the House, praise-worthy, dear to all mankind, Fair to behold for beauty like a splendid car,- Agni the Friend of men we ever seek for wealth.



Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Rig Veda is intended to be chanted (rather than read). Here is a link to: Rig Veda Full Chanting.
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