Mandala 3 – Hymn 50 [Rig Veda]

1. LET Indra drink, All-hail! for his is Soma,-the mighty Bull come, girt by Maruts, hither. Far-reaching, let him fill him with these viands, and let our offering sate his body’s longing. 2. I yoke thy pair of trusty Steeds for swiftness, whose faithful service from of old thou lovest. Here, fair of cheek! let thy Bay Coursers place thee: drink of this lovely welleffused libation. 3. With milk they made Indra their good Preserver, lauding for help and rule the bounteous rainer. Impetuous God, when thou hast drunk the Soma, enraptured send us cattle in abundance. 4. With kine and horses satisfy this longing with very splendid bounty still extend it. Seeking the light, with hymns to thee, O Indra, the Kusikas have brought their gift, the singers. 5. Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered; The Strong, who listens, who gives aid in battles, who slays the Vrtras, wins and gathers riches.



Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Rig Veda is intended to be chanted (rather than read). Here is a link to: Rig Veda Full Chanting.
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