Mandala 4 – Hymn 5 [Rig Veda]

1. How shall we give with one accord oblation to Agni, to Vaisvanara the Bounteous? Great light, with full high growth hath he uplifted, and, as a pillar bears the roof, sustains it. 2. Reproach not him who, God and selfreliant, vouchsafed this bounty unto me a mortal,- Deathless, discerner, wise, to me the simple, Vaisvanara most manly, youthful Aini. 3. Sharp-pointed, powerful, strong, of boundless vigour, Agni who knows the lofty hymn, kept secret As the lost milch-cow’s track, the doubly Mighty,-he hath declared to me this hidden knowledge. 4. May he with sharpened teeth, the Bounteous Giver, Agni, consume with flame most fiercely glowing. Those who regard not Varuna’s commandments and the dear stedfast laws of sapient Mitra. 5. Like youthful women without brothers, straying, like dames who hate their lords, of evil conduct, They who are full of sin, untrue, unfaithful, they have engendered this abysmal station. 6. To me, weak, innocent, thou, luminous Agni, bast boldly given as ’twere a heavy burthen, This Prstha hymn, profound and strong and mighty, of seven elements, and with offered dainties. 7. So may our song that purifies, through wisdom reach in a moment him the Universal, Established on the height, on earth’s best .station, above the beauteous grassy skin of Prsni. 8. Of this my speech what shall I utter further? They indicate the milk stored up in secret When they have thrown as ’twere the cows’ stalls open. The Bird protects earths’ best and well-loved station. 9. This is the Great Ones’ mighty apparition which from of old the radiant Cow hath followed. This, shining brightly in the place of Order, swift, hasting on in secret, she discovered. 10. He then who shone together with his Parents remembered Prsni’s fair and secret treasure, Which, in the Mother Cow’s most lofty station, the Bull’s tongue, of the flame bent forward, tasted. 11. With reverence I declare the Law, O Agni; what is, comes by thine order, Jatavedas. Of this, whate’er it be, thou art the Sovran, yea, all the wealth that is in earth or heaven. 12. What is our wealth therefrom, and what our treasure? Tell us O Jatavedas, for thou knowest, What is our best course in this secret passage: we, unreproached, have reached a t)lace far distant. 13. What is the limit, what the rules, the guerdon? Like fleet-foot coursers speed we to the contest. When will the Goddesses, the Immortal’s Spouses, the Dawns, spread over us the Sun-God’s splendour? 14. Unsatisfied, with speech devoid of vigour, scanty and frivolous and inconclusive, Wherefore do they address thee here, O Agni? Let these who have no weapons suffer sorrow. 15. The majesty of him the Good, the Mighty, aflame, hath shone for glory in the dwelling. He, clothed in light, hath shone most fair to look on, wealthy in boons, as a home shines with riches.



Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Rig Veda is intended to be chanted (rather than read). Here is a link to: Rig Veda Full Chanting.
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