Mandala 5 – Hymn 19 [Rig Veda]

1. ONE state begets another state: husk is made visible from husk: Within his Mother’s side he speaks. 2. Discerning, have they offered gifts: they guard the strength that never wastes. To a strong fort have they pressed in. 3. Svaitreya’s people, all his men, have gloriously increased in might. A gold chain Brhaduktha wears, as, through this Soma, seeking spoil. 4. I bring, as ’twere, the longed-for milk, the dear milk of the Sister-Pair. Like to a caldron filled with food is he, unconquered, conquering all. 5. Beam of light, come to us in sportive fashion, finding thyself close to the wind that fans thee. These flames of his are wasting flames, like arrows keen-pointed, sharpened, on his breast.



Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Rig Veda is intended to be chanted (rather than read). Here is a link to: Rig Veda Full Chanting.

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