Mandala 5 – Hymn 43 [Rig Veda]

1. MAY the Milch-cows who hasten to their object come harmless unto us with liquid sweetness. The Singer, lauding, calls, for ample riches, the Seven Mighty Ones who bring enjoyment. 2. With reverence and fair praise will I bring hither, for sake of strength, exhaustless Earth and Heaven. Father and Mother, sweetof speech, fairhanded, may they, far-famed, in every fight protect us. 3. Adhvaryus, make the sweet libations ready, and bring the beautiful bright juice to Vayu. God, as our Priest, be thou the first to drink it: we give thee of the mead to make thee joyful. 4. Two arms-the Soma’s dexterous immo. lators-and the ten fingers set and fix the press-stone. The stalk hath poured, fair with its spreading branches, the mead’s bright glittering juice that dwells on mountains. 5. The Soma hath been pressed for thee, its lover, to give thee power and might and high enjoyment. Invoked, turn hither in thy car, O Indra, at need, thy two well-trained and dear Bay Horses. 6. Bring by God-traversed paths, accordant, Agni, the great Aramati, Celestial Lady, Exalted, worshipped with our gifts and homage, who knoweth holy Law, to drink sweet Soma. 7. As on his father’s lap the son, the darling, so on the fire is set the sacred caldron, Which holy singers deck, as if extending and heating that which holds the fatty membrane. 8. Hither, as herald to invite the Asvins, come the great lofty song, most sweet and pleasant! Come in one car, joy-givers! to the banquet, like the bolt binding pole and nave, come hither. 9. I have declared this speech of adoration to mightiest Pusan and victorious Vayu, Who by their bounty are the hymns’ inspirers, and of themselves give power as a possession. 10. Invoked by us bring hither, jatavedas the Maruts all under their names and figures. Come to the sacrifice with aid all Maruts, all to the songs and praises of the singer! 11. From high heaven may Sarasvati the Holy visit our sacrifice, and from the mountain. Eager, propitious, may the balmy Goddess hear our effectual speech, our invocation. 12. Set in his seat the God whose back is dusky, Brhaspati the lofty, the Disposer. Him let us worship, set within the dwelling, the red, the golden-hued, the allresplendent. 13. May the Sustainer, high in heaven, come hither, the Bounteous One, invoked, with all his favours, Dweller with Dames divine, with plants, unwearied, the Steer with triple horn, the life-bestower. 14. The tuneful eloquent priests of him who liveth have sought the Mother’s bright and loftiest station. As living men, with offered gifts and homage they deck the most auspicious Child to clothe him. 15. Agni, great vital power is thine, the mighty: pairs waxing old in their devotion seek thee. May every Deity be swift to listen, and Mother Earth with no ill thought regard me. 16. Gods, may we dwell in free untroubled bliss. 17. May we obtain the Asvins’ newest favour, and gain their health-bestowing happy guidance. Bring riches hither unto us, and heroes, and all felicity and joy, Immortals!



Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Rig Veda is intended to be chanted (rather than read). Here is a link to: Rig Veda Full Chanting.

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