Mandala 8 – Hymn 26 [Rig Veda]

1. I CALL your chariot to receive united praise mid princely men, Strong Gods who pour down wealth, of never vanquished might! 2. Ye to Varosusaman come, Nasatyas, for this glorious rite. With your protecting aid. Strong Gods, who pour down wealth. 3. So with oblations we invoke you, rich in ample wealth, to-day, When night hath passed, O ye who send us plenteous food. O Asvins, Heroes, let your car, famed, best to travel, come to us, And, for his glory, mark your zealous servant’s lauds. 5. Asvins, who send us precious gifts, even when offended, think of him: For ye, O Rudras, lead us safe beyond our foes. 6. For, Wonder-Workers, with fleet steeds ye fly completely round this All, Stirring our thoughts, ye Lords of splendour, honey-hued. 7. With all-sustaining opulence, Asvins, come hitherward to us, Ye rich and noble Heroes, ne’er to be o’erthrown. 8. To welcome this mine offering, O ye Indra-like Nasatyas, come As Gods of best accord this day with other Gods. 9. For we, like Vyasva, lifting up our voice like oxen, call on you: With all your loving kindness, Sages, come to us. 10. O Rsi, laud the Asvins well. Will they not listen to thy call? Will they not burn the Panis who are nearer them? 11. O Heroes, listen to the son of Vyasva, and regard me here, Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, of one accord. 12. Gods whom we yearn for, of your gifts, of what ye bring to us, bestow By princes’ hands on me, ye Mighty, day by day. 13. Him whom your sacrifices clothe, even as a woman with her robe, The Asvins help to glory honouring him well. 14. Whoso regards your care of men as succour widest in its reach, About his dwelling go, ye Asvins, loving us. 15. Come to us ye who pour down wealth, come to the home which men must guard: Like shafts, ye are made meet for sacrifice by song. 16. Most fetching of all calls, the laud, as envoy, Heroes, called to you Be it your own, O Asvin Pair. 17. Be ye in yonder sea of heaven, or joying in the home of food, Listen to me, Immortal Ones. 18. This river with his lucid flow attracts you, more than all the streams,- Even Sindhu with his path of gold. 19. O Asvins, with that glorious fame come hither, through our brilliant song, Come ye whose ways are marked with light. 20. Harness the steeds who draw the car, O Vasu, bring the well-fed pair. O Vayu, drink thou of our meath: come unto our drink-offerings. 21. Wonderful Vayu, Lord of Right, thou who art Tvastar’s son-in-law, Thy saving succour we elect. 22. To Tvastar’s son-in-law we pray for wealth whereof he hath control: For glory we seek vayu, men with juice effused. 23. From heaven, auspicious Vayu, come drive hither with thy noble steeds: Come on thy mighty car with wide-extending seat. 24. We call thee to the homes of men, thee wealthiest in noble food, And liberal as a press-stone with a horse’s back. 25. So, glad and joyful in thine heart, do thou, God, Vayu, first of all Vouchsafe us water, strength, and thought.



Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Rig Veda is intended to be chanted (rather than read). Here is a link to: Rig Veda Full Chanting.

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