Mandala 8 – Hymn 45 [Rig Veda]

1. HITHERWARD! they who light flame and straightway trim the sacred grass. Whose Friend is Indra ever young. 2. High is their fuel, great their laud, wide is their splinter from the stake, Whose Friend is Indra ever young. 3. Unequelled in fight the hero leads his army with the warrior chiefs. Whose Friend is Indra ever young. 4. The new-born Vrtra-slayer asked his Mother, as he seized his shaft, Who are the fierce? Who are renowned? 5. Savasi answered, He who seeks thine enmity will battle like A stately elephant on a hill. 6. And hear, O Maghavan; to him who craves of thee thou grantest all Whate’er thou makest firm is firm. 7. What time the Warrior Indra goes to battle, borne by noble steeds, Best of all charioteers is he. 8. Repel, O Thunder-armed, in all directions all attacks on us: And be our own most glorious God. 9. May Indra set our car in front, in foremost Place to win the spoil, He whom the wicked injure not. 10. Thine enmity may we escape, and, gakra, for thy bounty, rich In kine, may we come near to thee 11. Softly approaching, Thunder-armed wealthy by hundreds, rich in steeds, Unrivalled, readywith our gifts. 12. For thine exalted excellence gives to thy worshippers each day Hundreds and thousands of thy boons. 13. Indra, we know thee breaker-down even of trong forts, winner of spoil, A:one who conquers wealth for us. 14. Though thou art highest, Sage and Bold let the drops cheer thee when we come To thee as to a trafficker. 15. Bring unto us the treasure of the opulent man who, loth to give, Hath slighted thee for gain of wealth. 16. Indra, these friends of ours, supplied with Soma, wait and look to thee, As men with fodder to the herd. 17. And thee who art not deaf, whose cars are quick to listen, for our aid, We call to us from far away. 18. When thou hast listened, make our call one which thou never wilt forget, And be our very nearest Friend. 19. When even now, when we have been in trouble, we have thought of thee, O Indra, give us gifts of kine. 20. O Lord of Strength, we rest on thee, as old men rest upon a staff: We long to have. thee dwell with us. 21. To Indra sing a song of praise, Hero of mighty valour, him Whom no one challenges to war. 22. Hero, the Soma being shed, I pour the juice for thee to drink: Sate thee and finish thy carouse. 23. Let not the fools, or those who mock beguile thee when they seek thine aid Love not the enemies of prayer. 24. Here let them with rich milky draught cheer thee to great munificence: Drink as the wild-bull drinks the lake. 25. Proclaim in our assemblies what deeds, new and ancient, far away, The Vrtra-slayer hath achieved. 26. In battle of a thousand arms Indra drank Kadru’s Soma juice: There he displayed his manly might. 27. True undeniabIc strength he found in Yadu and in Turvasa, And conquered through the sacrifice. 28. Him have I magnified, our Lord in, common, Guardian of your folk, Discloser of great wealth in kine; 29. Rbhuksan, not to be restrained, who strengthened Tugra’s son in lauds, Indra beside the flowingjuice; 30. Who for Trisoka clave the hill that formed a wide receptacle, So that the cows might issue forth. 31. Whate’er thy plan or purpose be, whate’er, in transport, thou wouldst do, Do it not, Indra, but be kind. 32. But little hath been heard of done upon the earth by one like thee i Let thine heart, Indra, turn to us. 33. Thine then shall be this high renown, thine shall these lofty praises be, When, Indra, thou art kind to us. 34. Not for one trespass, not for two, O Hero, slay us, nor for three, Nor yet for many trespasses. 35. I fear one powerful like thee, the crusherdown of enemies, Mighty, repelling all attacks. 36. O wealthy God, ne’er may I live to see my friend or son in need*: Hitherward let thy heart be turned. 37. What friend, O people, unprovoked, hath ever said unto a friend, He turns and leaves us in distress? 38. Hero, insatiate enjoy this Soma juice so near to thee, Even as a hunter rushing down. 39. Hither I draw those Bays of thine yoked by our hymn, with splendid car, That thou mayst give unto the priests. 40. Drive all our enemies away, smite down the foes who press around, And bring the wealth for which we long: 41. O Tndra, that which is concealed in strong firm place precipitous: Bring us the wealth for which we long 42. Great riches which the world of men shall recognize as sent by thbe: Bring us the wealth for which we long.



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