Mandala 8 – Hymn 46 [Rig Veda]

1. WE, Indra, Lord of ample wealth, our Guide, depend on one like thee, Thou driver of the Tawny Steeds. 2. For, Hurler of the Bolt, we know thee true, the giver of our food, We know the giver of our wealth. 3. O thou whose majesty the bards celebrate with their songs, thou Lord, Of hundred powers and hundred aids. 4. Fair guidance hath the mortal man whom Aryaman, the Marut host, And Mitra, void of guile, protect. 5. Kine, steeds, and hero strength he gains, and prospers, by the Adityas sped, Ever in wealth which all desire. 6. We pray to Indra for his gift, to him the Fearless and the Strong, We pray to him the Lord of wealth. 7. For verily combined in him are all the fearless powers of aid. Him, rich in wealth, let swift Steeds bring to us, his Bays, to Soma juice for his carouse: 8. Yea, that most excellent carouse, Indra, which slays most enemies, With Heroes wins the light of heaven, and is invincible in war: 9. Which merits fame, all-bountiful! and, unsubdued, hath victory in deeds of might. So come to our libations, Strongest! Excellent! May we obtain a stall of kine. 10. Responding to our wish for cows, for steeds, and chariots, as of old, Be gracious, Greatest of the Great 11. For, Hero, nowhere can I find the bounds of thy munificence. Still do thou favour us, O Bolt-armed Maghavan: with strength hast thou rewarded hymns. 12. High, glorifier of his friend, he knows all generations, he whom many praise. All races of mankind with ladies lifted up invoke that Mighty Indra’s aid. 13. Be he our Champion and Protector in great deeds, rich in all wealth, the Vrtra-slayer, Maghavan. 14. In the wild raptures of the juice sing to your Hero with high laud, to him the Wise, To Indra, glorious in his name, the Mighty One, even as the hymn alloweth it. 15. Thou givest wealth to me myself, thou givest treasure, Excellent! and the strong steed, O Much-invoked, in deeds of might, yea, even now. 16. Him, Sovran Ruler of all precious things, who even hath power o’er this fair form of his, As now it taketh shape, and afterward, 17. We praise, so that the Mighty One may speed to you, Pourer of boun ies, Traveller, prepared to go. Thou favourest the Maruts known to all, by song and sacrifice. With song and praise I sing to thee. 18. We in the sacrifice perform their will whose voice is lifted high, The worship of those Thundering Ories who o’er the ridges of these mountains fly in troops. 19. O Indra, Mightiest, bring us that which crushes men of evil minds, Wealth suited to our needs, O Stirrer of the thought, best wealth, O thou who stirrest thought. 20. O Winner, noble winner, strong, wondrous, most splendid, excellent, Sole Lord of victory, bring all-ovcrpowering wealth, joy-giving, chief in deeds of might. 21. Now let the godless man approach who hath received reward so great As Vasa, Asvya, when this light of morning dawned, received from Prthusravas, from Kanita’s son. 22. Steeds sixty thousand and ten thousand kine, and twenty hundred camels I obtained; Ten hundred brown in hue, and other ten red in three spots: in all, ten thousand kine. 23. Ten browns that make my wealth increase, fleet steeds whose tails are long and fair, Turn with swift whirl my chariot wheel; 24. The gifts which Prthusravas gave, Kanita’s son munificent. He gave a chariot wrought of gold: the prince was passing bountiful, and won himself most lofty fame. 25. Come thou to this great rite of ours, Vayu! to give us vigorous light. We have served thee that thou mightest give much to us, yea, mightest quickly give great wealth. 26. Who with thrice seven times seventy horses comes to us, invested with the rays of morn, Through these our Soma-draughts and those who press, to give, drinker of pure bright Soma Juice. 27. Who hath inclined this glorious one, buunteous himself, to give me gifts. Borne on firm chariot with the prosperous Nahup, wise, to a man yet more devout. 28. Sole Lord in beauty meet for praise, O Vayu, dropping fatness down, Hurried along by steeds, by camels, and by hounds, spreads forth thy train: even this it is. 29. So, as a prize dear to the strong, the sixty thousand have I gained, Bulls that resemble vigorous steeds. 30. To me come oxen like a herd, yea, unto me the oxen come. 31. And in the grazing herd he made a hundred camels bleat for me, And twenty hundred mid the white. 32. A hundred has the sage received, Dasa Balbutha’s and Taruksa’s gifts. These are thy people, Vayu, who rejoice with Indra for their guard, rejoice with Gods for guards. 33. And now to Vasa Asvya here this stately woman is led forth, Adorned with ornaments of gold.



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