Mandala 8 – Hymn 8 [Rig Veda]

1. INDRA, great in his power and might, and like Parjanya rich in rain, Is magnified by Vatsa’s lauds. 2. When the priests, strengthening the Son of Holy Law, present their gifts, Singers with Order’s hymn of praiser. 3. Since Kanvas with their lauds have made Indra complete the sacrifice. Words are their own appropriate arms. 4. Before his hot displeasure all the peoples, all the men, bow down, As rivers bow them to the sea. 5. This power of his shone brightly forth when Indra brought together, like A skin, the worlds of heaven and earth. 6. The fiercely-moving Vrtra’s head he severed with his thunderbolt, His mighty hundred-knotted bolt. 7. Here are-we sing them loudly forth-our thoughts among-the best of songs. Even lightnings like the blaze of fire. 8. When bidden thoughts, spontaneously advancing, glow, and with the stream Of sacrifice the Kanvas shine. 9. Indra, may we obtain that wealth in horses and in herds of cows, And prayer that may be noticed first. 10. I from my Father have received deep knowledge of the Holy Law I was born like unto the Sun. 11. After the lore of ancient time I make, like Kanva, beauteous songs, And Indra’s selfgains strength thereby. 12. Whatever Rsis have not praised thee, Indra, or have lauded thee, By me exalted wax thou strong. 13. When his wrath thundered, when he rent Vrtra to pieces, limb by limb, He sent the waters to the sea. 14. Against the Dasyu gusna thou, Indra, didst hurl thy during bolt: Thou, Dread one, hast a hero’s fame. 15. Neither the heavens nor firmaments nor regions of the earth contain Indra, the Thunderer with his might. 16. O Indra him who lay at length staying thy copious waters thou, In his own footsteps, smotest down 17. Thou hiddest deep in darkness itim, O Indra, who had set his grasp On spacious heaven and earth conjoined. 18. Indra, whatever Yatis and Bhrgus have offered praise to thee, Listen, thou Mighty, to my call. 19. Indra, these spotted cows yield thee their butter and the milky draught; Aiders, thereby, of sacrifice; 20. Which, teeming, have received thee as a life-germ, Indra, with their mouth, Like Surya who sustaineth all. 21. O Lord of Might, with hymns of praise the Kanvas have increased thy power, The drops poured forth have strengthened thee. 22. Under thy guidance, Indra, mid thy praises, Lord of Thunder, shall The sacrifice be soon performed. 23. Indra, disclose much food for us, like a stronghold with store of kine: Give progeny and heroic strength. 24. And, Indra, grant us all that wealth of fleet steeds which shone bright of old Among the tribes of Nahusas. 25. Hither thou seemest to attract heaven’s fold which shines before our eyes, When, Indra, thou art kind to us. 26. Yea, when thou puttest forth thy power, Indra, thou governest the folk. Mighty, unlimited in strength. 27. The tribes who bring oblations call to thee, to thee to give them help, With drops to thee who spreadest far. 28. There where the mountains downward slope, there by the meeting of the streams The Sage was manifest with song. 29. Thence, marking, from his lofty place downward he looks upon the sea, And thence with rapid stir he moves. 30. Then, verify, they see the light refulgent of primeval seed, Kindled on yonder side of heaven. 31. Indra, the Kanvas all exalt thy wisdom and thy manly power, And, Mightiest! thine heroic strength. 32. Accept this eulogy of mine, Indra, and guard me carefully: Strengthen my thought and prosper it. 33. For thee, O Mighty, Thunder-armed, we singers through devotionhave Fashioned the hymn that we may live. 34. To Indra have the Kanvas sung, like waters speeding down a slope: The song is fain to go to him. 35. As rivers swell the ocean, so our hymns of praise make Indra strong, Eternal, of resistIess wrath. 36. Come with thy lovely Bay Steeds, come to us from regions far away O Indra, drink this Soma juice. 37. Best slayer of Vrtras, men whose sacred grass is ready trimmed Invoke thee for the gain of spoil. 38. The heavens and earth come after thee as the wheel follows Etasa: To thee flow Sorna-drops effused. 39. Rejoice, O Indra, in the light, rejoice in Saryandyan, be Glad in the sacrificer’s hymn. 40. Grown strong in heaven, the Thunder-armed hath bellowed, Vrtra-slayer, Bull, Chief drinker of the Soma juice. 41. Thou art a Rsi born of old, sole Ruler over all by might: Thou, Indra, guardest well our wealth. 42. May thy Bay Steeds with beauteous backs, a hundred, bring thee to the feast, Bring thee to these our Soma-draughts. 43. The Kanvas with their hymns of praise have magnified this ancient thought That swells with streams of meath and oil. 44. Mid mightiest Gods let mortal man choose Indra at the sacrifice, Indra, whoe’er would win, for help. 45. Thy steeds, by Priyamedhas praised, shall bring thee, God whom all invoke, Hither to drink the Somajuice. 46. A hundred thousand have I gained from Parsu, from Tirindira, And presents of the Yadavas. 47. Ten thousand head of kine, and steeds three times a hundred they bestowed On Pajra for the Sama-song. 48. Kakuha hath reached up to heaven, bestowing buffaloes yoked in fours, And matched in fame the Yadavas.



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