Mandala 8 – Hymn 92 [Rig Veda]

1. THAT noblest Furtherer hath appeared, to whom men bring their holy works. Our songs of praise have risen aloft to Agni who was barn to give the Arya strength. 2. Agni of Divodasa turned, as ’twere in majesty, to the Gods. Onward he sped along the mother earth, and took his station in the height of heaven. 3. Him before whom the people shrink when he performs his glorious deeds, Him who wins thousands at the worship of the Gods, himself, that Agni, serve with son s. 4. The mortal man whom thou wouldst lead to opulence, O Vasu, he who brings thee gifts. He, Agni, wins himself a hero singing lauds, yea, one who feeds a thousand men. 5. He with the steed wins spoil even in the fenced fort, and gains imperishable fame. In thee, O Lord of wealth, continually we lay all precious offerings to the Gods. 6. To him who dealeth out all wealth, who is the cheerful Priest of men, To him, like the first vessels filled with savoury juice, to Agni go the songs of praise. 7. Votaries, richly-gifted, deck him with their songs, even as the steed who draws the car. On both, Strong Lord of men! on child and grandson pour the bounties which our nobles give. 8. Sing forth to him, the Holy, most munificent, sublime with his refulgent glow, To Agni, ye Upastutas. 9. Worshipped with gifts, enkindled, splendid, Maghavan shall win himself heroic fame. And will not his most newly shown benevolence come to us with abundant strength? 10. Priest, presser of the juice! praise now the dearest Guest of all our friends, Agni, the driver of the cars. 11. Who, finder-out of treasures open and concealed, bringeth them hither, Holy One; Whose waves, as in a cataract, are hard to pass, when he, through song, would win him strength. 12. Let not the noble Guest, Agni, be wroth with us: by many a man his praise is sung, Good Herald, skilled in sacrifice. 13. O Vasu, Agni, let not them be harmed who come in any way with lauds to thee. Even the lowly, skilled in rites, with offered gifts, seeketh thee for the envoy’s task. 14. Friend of the Maruts, Agni, come with Rudras to the Soma-draught, To Sobhar’s fair song of praise, and be thou joyful in the light. VALAKHILYA



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