Pre-BC to Now in 8 Parts


Part 1 intro: [pre_billions_BC]

Pre-BigBang was existence and being; I AM.


Part 2 intro: [millions_BC]

God does not fear math; it’s a truth filter 


Part 3 intro: [10,000s_BC]

There’s more to our confusion about God than what meets the eye

library wall

Part 4 intro: [2,100_BC]

History can be a matter of perspective, as long as I don’t think mine is the only one


Part 5 intro: [660_BC]

Some things can only be changed from the inside

cross and open tomb painted on rocks

Part 6 intro: [30_AD]

God showing up to fix everything; isn’t what we expected

Francesco_Hayez_017 - burning of jerusalem

Part 7 intro: [70_AD]

Based on how I read it, there was wrath and destruction missing from God’s promised judgement (at the point Jesus rose from the dead)


Part 8 intro: [UP_TO_TODAY]

God left his plan to a crew I probably would not trust with a potato gun