Part 1 intro: Pre-BigBang was existence and being; I-AM. [pre_billions_BC]




Before there was separation,

there was One.


Our homegrown perspective defines this separation as “Creation” or “our known Universe”. For the sake of this story, the first cause of all we can perceive is labeled as God. God named himself “I-AM”.


I-AM is our key.


An extravagant work of beauty is found in allowing (moreover creating) choice… not to mention the freedom and self-awareness that can be opened no other way.

Growing out of this, we humans have boundaries we are born into. One of those is that we only gain knowledge by experience – even if some experiences are through our heart’s imagination.

lucifer-17031508756250102228.jpgGod’s enemy (named “False-Accuser”) used our species as a trap… and his invention of lying (though cleverly masked as figurative language) grew out of his character, and led to a run on God’s throne. From that point forward; we have fed our addiction to the power of self-exaltation (which is a lie). This juggernaut of evil stretches its roots each time we fight to protect that power by silencing truth.  But, we are getting ahead of ourselves.


Every society has some explanation for what was in place before all this life on earth – even if it’s a giant plate balancing on the back of infinite tower of turtles… all the way down.

The only truly foolish choice seems to be found in pretending none of it matters.

Our best scientific minds calculate that (traced far enough backwards) everything in our physical universe was so dense that mass and energy was infinite and unified.


God is One.



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Part 2 intro: God does not fear math; it’s a truth filter [millions_BC]



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Jesus Words 9 – A day with Jesus teaching

Includes all Jesus’ words from: Matthew 4:23–5–6–7–8:1 Luke 6:17–7:1 Mark 2:13 One day; Jesus was walking down by the sea. Noticing a crowd around him, he climbed up a mountain side. Finding a level place to teach his followers, he said, Blessed are the spiritual beggars, because God’s Kingdom is theirs. Blessed are you who […]

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Jesus Words 8 – Jesus Around the sea and back again

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Jesus Words 7 – 1st Sabbath in Capernaum

Includes all Jesus’ words from: Matthew 8:5-34 Mark 1:21-34 Luke 4:31-41, 7:2-10 On Sabbath in his new hometown; Jesus was approached by Jewish leaders asking him to heal someone. The army commander who just built the new church had a favorite servant who was ready to die. Jesus went with them, and the Officer came […]

Jesus calls Peter Andrew James and John

Jesus Words 6 – Jesus in Capernaum

Includes all Jesus’ words from: Mark 1:16-34 Luke 4:31-41, 5:1-11 and 7:2-10 Matthew 4:18-22 and 8:5-34   Jesus saw Peter and Andrew as they were cleaning their nets on the beach. He said, “Come after me, and I will make you fishers for men.” He got into the boat, and taught. When he was done teaching, […]


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Source Text Prioritization: John 3:22-4:42 After baptizing people long enough to be noticed, his followers walked a couple days through the land of Samaritans. Samaritans include 10 of the 12 tribes of Israel. Israel is the name that God gave to Jacob (Abraham’s grandson). These ten “northern” tribes sided with Assyria’s king against Judah (and […]

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Jesus baptized by john

Jesus Words 1 – Before Jesus’ ministry began

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