Part 1 intro: Pre-BigBang was existence and being; I AM. [pre_billions_BC]

  • In the voice of: Christian
  • Spoken to: Christians
  • Source Text: Copyright free Bible, A Brief History of Time, Near Death Experiences, John 1

Before there was separation, there was One.

Our homegrown perspective sees this separation as “Creation” or “our known Universe”. I AM is One.


An extravagant piece of creation is found in allowing choice, and the freedom and self awareness it opens. What was Eden’s “knowledge of good and evil” fruit – if not judgement.

Every society I’ve heard of has at least some type of explanation of what was in place before all this life on earth – even if it’s a giant plate balancing on the back of infinite tower of turtles… all the way down. The only truly foolish choice seems to be found in pretending none of it matters.

Our best scientific minds believe that originally (traced far enough backwards) everything was so dense that mass was infinate and unified. I AM is One.


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