Part 5 intro: Some things can only be changed from the inside [660_BC]

  • In the voice of: Christian
  • Spoken to: Christians  
  • Source Text: Isaiah 33, Exodus, The History of the Ancient World


Israel’s history doesn’t start at Moses leading God’s people across the parted Red Sea, or with collapsing the 6000 year old walls of one of the oldest cities in the world by softening the ground around it and then blowing horns (Jericho); though both these examples are pretty cool tricks. This type of grandiose-over the top action does not appear to be God’s style – with a few stories to the contrary. His plunder is gathered like a caterpillar gathers.

pexels-photo-1055068.jpegSince my childhood I have heard of the Old Testament God, as being separate from a New Testament God… new testament being the individual we call Jesus and the Old Testament version being cruel and angry.  This is ludacris to any rational thinking person, because a characteristic of God, by definition, is that his actions and words are eternal. We have evidently lost something in how we understand one or both of these versions of I AM. I hope that this unhindered story of I AM across time (in combination with the global knowledge base we have available today) will clarify an understanding of “god”, and how we as humans are to live if we choose to follow I AM.


We worship bloodlines, and celebrity, and money and power. Those things are what most stories celebrate, but this is about the one being who is completely present in all history’s experiences – as much as you and I are completely present in this moment… now.

I AM became an active and recognized participant in our history by using Moses as his first leader. This people grew into a nation, and this nation eventually demanded a king. King David was the beginning of a bloodline that would produce the the Christ. This Christ is the leader spoken of in almost all Jewish scripture – who would be the embodiment of God in the form of man.

This history is the story of I AM.


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