Part 3 intro: There’s more to our confusion about God than what meets the eye [10,000s_BC]




History is much like theology.

We all have different factors that go into what we frame as truth, but we typically end up arguing the factors we use to separate us  (rather than identifying what we have in common).

220px-Rift_en.svgArchaeologist have found human remains from around Lake Victoria, Africa which date a couple hundred thousand years ago. From 120,000 BC, people from the Middle East to China to the southern tip of Africa were physically identical to humans today.



Community remains found in China from 100,000 years ago lived in a series of caves connected by tunnels covering over a square mile.  The cave’s occupants’ teeth were discovered methodically hidden under a rock in the middle of the room (under 80,000 years of stalagmite growth) – with evidence they even pulled some.

None of this explains the planetary infection of self-glorification described in Genesis 6… and present in ever history including a “king”.

Enoch - 300px-William_Blake_Enoch_Lithograph_1807Genesis 6’s brief synopsys of a critical hinge in our history, was the foundation to every Jewish person’s worldview in Moses’ (and Jesus’) day.  It was so commonly understood that these writers couldn’t imagine their reader’s only understanding being Gen 6’s brief mention.


170px-Hieronymus_Bosch_-_The_Garden_of_Earthly_Delights_-_The_Earthly_Paradise_(Garden_of_Eden)Moses’ snippet in Gen 6 reads, “God’s sons had sex with men’s daughters, and had children with them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.”  From there, Moses launches into the flood story (which is the oldest common human story – around there planet).

This cultural foundation (being assumed by the writers of the Bible) is detailed in books like EnochWe remember history – so we aren’t doomed to repeat it (at least the bad parts).

Wisdom encourages us to be good managers of our resources.


God is eternal, right now.

I-AM is at the core of every experience. We do not know everything, and we don’t have to be afraid of acting like it.



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Bible References: Gen 6, Jude,

Book Reference: 1 Enoch 1-34

Wikipedia: Lake Victoria, Enoch, Ethiopian_Orthodox_Tewahedo_Church, Garden of Eden, Cave Dweller



Part 4 intro: History can be a matter of perspective, as long as I don’t think mine is the only one [2,100_BC]



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