Wisdom of Sirach 8

Don’t contend with a mighty man,
lest perhaps you fall into his hands.
Don’t strive with a rich man, lest perhaps he overpower you;
for gold has destroyed many,
and turned away the hearts of kings.
Don’t contend with a talkative man.
Don’t heap wood upon his fire.
Don’t jest with a rude man,
lest your ancestors be dishonored.
Don’t reproach a man when he turns from sin.
Remember that we are all worthy of punishment.
Don’t dishonor a man in his old age;
for some of us are also growing old.
Don’t rejoice over one who is dead.
Remember that we all die.
Don’t neglect the discourse of the wise.
Be conversant with their proverbs;
for from them you will learn instruction
and how to minister to great men.
Don’t miss the discourse of the aged,
for they also learned from their fathers,
because from them you will learn understanding,
and to give an answer in time of need.
10 Don’t kindle the coals of a sinner,
lest you be burned with the flame of his fire.
11 Don’t rise up from the presence of an insolent man,
lest he lie in wait as an ambush for your mouth.
12 Don’t lend to a man who is mightier than yourself;
and if you lend, be as one who has lost.
13 Don’t be surety above your power.
If you are surety, think as one who will have to pay.
14 Don’t go to law with a judge;
for according to his honor they will give judgment for him.
15 Don’t go in the way with a rash man,
lest he be burdensome to you;
for he will do according to his own will,
and you will perish with his folly.
16 Don’t fight with a wrathful man.
Don’t travel with him through the desert,
for blood is as nothing in his sight.
Where there is no help, he will overthrow you.
17 Don’t take counsel with a fool,
for he will not be able to conceal the matter.
18 Do no secret thing before a stranger,
For you don’t know what it will cause.
19 Don’t open your heart to every man.
Don’t let him return you a favor.
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